School of Energy Resources First Year Seminar: Energy, Environment, and Economics

Professor Craig C. Douglas, 227 Ross Hall

Tuesday and Thursday, 11:00-12:15

Energy Innovation Center Room 201 (Encana Auditorium)



There are 5 types of assignments in this class: (1) reading with discussion questions required, (2) weekly reports, (3) a literacy report, (4) a research report, and (5) a group project and presentation.

Reading with Discussion Questions

Homework Due Covers
hw1 9/6/2017 Leading the Charge
hw2 9/12/2017 Classroom energy audit
hw3 9/19/2017 Plagiarism certification
hw4 9/18/2017 Energy resources (chapter 2)
hw5 9/25/2017 Global competitiveness (chapter 5)
hw6 9/27/2017 Energy conversion (chapter 3)
hw7 10/4/2017 Fossil fuels (chapter 6)
hw8 10/9/2017 Renewable energy (chapter 10)
hw9 10/16/2017 Renewable energy (chapter 11)
hw10 10/23/2017 Nuclear energy (chapters 7-8, appendix C, pp. 371-383)
hw11 10/30/2017 Environmental issues
hw12 11/13/2017 Economic issues (chapters 4 and 9)

Weekly Reports

Once a week you should write a summary of the previous week's class. This is a text file that you maintain in WyoCourses that submit over and over. For each new entry, start it with a date or two dates for two classes. You can include almost anything of relevance to the class. You can make suggestions about the course, too.

Literacy Report

You will write a short, ~3 page report on a topic that is relevant to the course. There is a sample Word file that you can modify to do your report. A PDF version also exists. You will submit your report in three stages. I will evaluate each stage. Further, you will go to the STEP office for their help after you submit your complete draft in part 2. The STEP office is in Coe Library and is only open from 5:00 to 9:00 PM on Sunday through Thursday. There will be no class meeting on October 2 in liu of the STEP office visit requirement.

Part Due Covers
l1 9/21/2017 Title and abstract
l2 9/28/2017 Complete draft of report
l3 10/12/2017 Final draft

Part 1

Just submit a title and abstract. The abstract should a single paragraph summary of what is (going to be) in your report. You will likely one or both during the next two parts.

Part 2

A complete draft of about three pages. Besides the title and abstract, it should at least three citations, 2-5 key words, and be organized as suggested in the literacy report sample organization file.

Part 3

The final draft. You should have responded to suggestions by the STEP office as well as my comments.

Research Report


Group Project



Craig Douglas

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