CS 689-002, Spring 2007
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Tuesday-Thursday 3:30-4:45, FPAT 257
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Book Readings

A random drawing will choose the discussion leader for chapter discussions. The people listed as responsible are all required to have detailed notes for the chapter. I will collect the notes from each of you at the end of the discussion. If you want to keep a copy, visit a copier before class.

Chapter Date Responsible
2 1/25 Hatcher, Lim, Maynard
3 1/30 Bansal, Hyatt, Presgrave
4 2/6 Chakraborty
5 2/13 Hatcher, Lim, Maynard
6 2/20 Bansal, Hyatt
7 2/27 Presgrave, Maynard
8 3/6 Chakraborty, Hatcher, Lim
9 3/20 Hyatt, Maynard, Presgrave
10 3/22 Bansal, Hyatt
11 3/29 Hatcher, Lim
12 4/12 Chakraborty, Hyatt, Presgrave
13 4/19 Bansal, Hatcher, Lim, Maynard

DDDAS Project

We will devise a travel DDDAS that predicts whether or not a traveler will get from airport A to airport B through airports C, D, ... within a reasonable window in time. Alternative routes, including using other air carriers will be assessed. The goal is to advise the traveler in time so that he or she can change the reservations to a flight plan that works within the window in time.

Please go here to download the data transfer utilities.

I would like the class to provide a detailed report of what the DDDAS is, how it is designed, how it works, and how it might work if completed in the future. The report is due by 5:30pm on May 3 in CVS. The report should be sufficiently clear and comprehensive so that another group of people could, if necessary, pick up your project and continue it.

Each of you should write a single section (with your name on it) describing what you did in the project. There should be a single comprehensive final report from all of you. In your section, provide the following information:

Let me recommend the following:

The final report (PDF, .5 MB) is 46 pages.


Craig C. Douglas

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