MA 5340, Fall 2014 (Comp Methods II)
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Tuesday / Thursday 2:00-3:15, Ross Hall 241
Office hours: T/R 1:00-2:00 and W 9:00-10:00, Ross Hall 227



Homework PDE Type Worth
hw1 Parabolic 10%
hw2 All 40%
hw3 Varies by group 50%


All homework should be emailed to me by December 15, 2014. Always put MA 5340 in the Subject line of your message. I will send you a reply when I get your mail. If you do not get a reply, I did not get your email. You are responsible for having an email account that can communicate successively with me. I will normally send you email from GMail, however.

All homework should be done individually unless explicitly stated in an individual homework assignment. It is acceptable to ask simple questions of other people, but do not collude or work together closely. All dead sources are acceptable, however.


Design an experiment to show properties of the heat equation.


These are problems from the textbook. If you want to substitute another problem in the book for one of the problems, come talk to me first.


Using netgen to provide you with adaptive mesh refinement, construct a partial differential equation solver for a substantial class of problems. You will be working with a partner.

Craig C. Douglas

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