MA 5310, Spring 2013
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Monday / Wednesday / Friday 11:00-11:50, Ross Hall 247
Office hours: Monday 10:00-11:00, Tuesday 3:00-4:00, Wednesday 4:00-5:00
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syllabus.pdf Course syllabus for 2013 2013-01-11 by Craig Douglas
2013sw.pdf Course notes 2013-05-03 by Craig Douglas
Gauss_Quad_LectureNotes.pdf Gauss quadrature notes 2013-04-xx by Derrick Cerwinsky
Textbook corrections Corrections for the textbook's first edition unknown
Textbook resources Codes from the textbook unknown
Textbook resources (corrected to compile) Compilable codes from the textbook 2013-02-14
C++Primer.pdf C++ in an hour 2013-01-18 by Craig Douglas
MPI.pdf MPI introduction 2010-01-26 by Craig Douglas
OpenMP.pdf OpenMPI introduction 2010-01-26 by Craig Douglas
MIT link MIT Calculus Course 2011-03-30 by Larry Bush
Kahan CACM paper Kahan's inner product trick, 1964 2013-04-05 by Craig Douglas
hello.cpp hello class example from C++Primer 2013-01-21 by Craig Douglas More complicated hello and msg class examples 2013-01-23 by Craig Douglas
parlib.pdf Lecture notes on Parlib 2013-02-27 by Craig Douglas
parlib.tgz or Source code to Parlib 2012-02-24 by Craig Douglas
underflow.c Underflow calculator 2013-05-06 by Craig Douglas


Craig C. Douglas and Derrick Cerwinsky

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