MA 5490, Fall 2010
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Tuesday - Thursday 1:20-2:35, Ross Hall 247
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Useful information specific to the class:

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syllabus.pdf Course syllabus for 2009 2009-08-15 by Craig Douglas
questionaire.doc Questionaire for homework 1 2010-08-15 by Craig Douglas

Useful papers, tutorials, or general how to information relevant to being able to succeed in any of my classes:

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My dissertation My Ph.D. dissertation, Yale TR 223, 1982 1982 by Craig Douglas C video course (90 MB download) 2008-12-27 by Craig Douglas
Top 500 Top 500 web site 2009-01-13 by Craig Douglas
11/2008 Top 500 BOF slides Birds of a feather session, SC 2008 2009-01-13 by Craig Douglas
SiMax article SiMax article on Matlab's sparse matrices and functions to manipulate them. 2009-01-21 by Craig Douglas OpenMP Resources Tutorials (the ones by Tim Mattson et al from SC'08 and Lawrence Livermore National Lab are both goodies, though long) 2009-01-26 by Craig Douglas
Passwordless ssh How to use ssh between machines without having to type your password every single time. 2009-02-16 by Craig Douglas


Craig C. Douglas

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