MA 5490, Fall 2010
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Tuesday - Thursday 1:20-2:35, Ross Hall 247
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MA 5490: Multilevel, Multigrid, and Multiscale Methods  (Fall, 2010)

MA 5490 University Handbook Description

This is a special topics course. If there really was a an official handbook description, it would read something like the following material...

Course Description: This course will comprehensively cover algorithms for numerically solving partial differential equations using multigrid methods (or multilevel methods when applied to a problem that is not grid based). Theory and how the algorithms really work in practice will be emphasized equally for a wide range of problems. Geometric and algebraic multigrid algorithms will be included. We will also cover multiscale methods as a form of a multilevel algorithm for problems in which different scales provide different and useful information about the solution to a problem. For example, many problems in energy are multiscale problems primarily and may also use traditional multigrid methods as well. This course is open to Graduate and Undergraduate students. Depending on the background of the students, we may study nuclear reactor core designs for third+ and fourth generation reactors. This is an emerging research area again due to the large number of reactors that are in the process of being approved in various countries (U.S., China, India, etc.) and the almost complete lack of trained people in the field.

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.

Office Hours: See the syllabus and by appointment.


Craig C. Douglas

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