MA 5490, Spring 2009
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Monday - Wednesday 1:20-2:35, Ross Hall 247
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Useful information specific to the class:

File Description Last modified and by...
syllabus.pdf Course syllabus for 2009 2009-01-13 by Craig Douglas
questionaire.doc Questionaire for homework 1 2008-12-27 by Craig Douglas

Useful papers, tutorials, or general how to information relevant to the class:

File Description Last modified and by... C video course (90 MB download) 2008-12-27 by Craig Douglas
Top 500 Top 500 web site 2009-01-13 by Craig Douglas
11/2008 Top 500 BOF slides Birds of a feather session, SC 2008 2009-01-13 by Craig Douglas
SiMax article SiMax article on Matlab's sparse matrices and functions to manipulate them. 2009-01-21 by Craig Douglas OpenMP Resources Tutorials (the ones by Tim Mattson et al from SC'08 and Lawrence Livermore National Lab are both goodies, though long) 2009-01-26 by Craig Douglas
Passwordless ssh How to use ssh between machines without having to type your password every single time. 2009-02-16 by Craig Douglas
cuda1.pdf CUDA/GPU motivation 2009-03-23 by Manfred Liebmann
Getting Started with CUDA.pdf nVidia CUDA tutorial 2009-03-23 by Manfred Liebmann
cuda2.pdf CUDA/GPU motivation 2009-03-25 by Manfred Liebmann

Codes samples:

File Description Last modified and by...
mg1d.tgz C sample code: 1D Multigrid 2009-01-13 by Craig Douglas
gen_sparse.m Matlab code to generate random symmetric, positive definite sparse matrix and save it to a disk file. 2009-01-21 by Craig Douglas
structs.h, structs.c, structs2.c, no-structs.c Simple C examples from class 2009-01-27 by Craig Douglas
Paper, Fortran-77, C, C+OpenMP, C+PThreads Achi Brandt's 1977 multigrid paper and codes based on the article. 2009-02-01 by Craig Douglas
openmp-examples.tgz Manfred Liebmann's OpenMP examples from 2/9-11/2009 2009-02-17 by Craig Douglas and Manfred Liebmann
matmul_mpi.c MPI matrix-matrix multiplication. Compile it with
    mpicc matmul_mpi.c
Run it with
    mpirun -np 2 a.out 5 5 5
The number of processes must be at least 2.
2009-02-18 by Craig Douglas and
Makefile-cerwinsky Sample Makefile from class on 2/25/2009. Rename Makefile 2009-02-25 by Craig Douglas and class
Makefile, Sample Makefile and example for CUDA. 2009-04-23 by Manfred Liebmann




Craig C. Douglas

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