MA 5490, Fall 2009
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Tuesday - Thursday 1:20-2:35, Ross Hall 247
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Homework and Projects

All homework should be emailed to me. I require that you send me your files as a single zip or gzipped tar file using the naming convention, or lastname.tgz unless it is a single file, which should lastname.extension, where extension makes sense based on the type of file.

I will send you a reply when I get your email. If you do not get a reply, I did not get your email. You are responsible for having an email account that can communicate successfully with me. I am flexible on which of my email accounts you use up to a degree. I will send you email from GMail, however. Please send email to my GMail account since that is where mail to my university address will forward to eventually.

Description Category Due Worth
hw1 homework 8/25/2008 20


This will be detailed later in the course.


Fill out the course questionaire and email it back to me as an attachment. Note that it is a .doc Word document. Please return it as such (not pdf, docx, txt, rtf, xls, or anything else).




Craig C. Douglas

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