MA 5310, Fall 2008
Professor Craig C. Douglas
Tuesday-Thursday 2:10-3:25, Ross Hall 247
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MA 5310: Computational Methods in Applied Sciences I (Fall, 2008)

MA 5310 University Handbook Description

Course Description: First semester of a three-semester computational methods series. Review of iterative solutions of linear and nonlinear systems of equations, polynomial interpolation/approximation, numerical integration and differentiation, and basic ideas of Monte Carlo methods. Comparison of numerical techniques for programming time and space requirements, as well as convergence and stability.

Prerequisites: Math 3310 and COSC 1010. Identical to COSC 5310, CHE 5140, ME 5140, and CE 5140. (3 hours).

Office hours: 227 Ross Hall, Tuesdays 11:00-12:00, Wednesdays 10:00-11:00, and by appointment or drop in.


Craig C. Douglas

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