University of Wyoming ERS 4990, MA 5490/4800, and COSC 4010/5010, 2016 Fall

1:20-2:35 on Tuesdays (EIC 201, Encana Auditorium) and Thursdays (ENG 2106)

Office hours (Ross Hall 227): T/R 11:00-12:00 and W 1:00-2:00

High Performance Computing, eXtreme Technical Computing

Professor Craig C. Douglas



General files or links of interest:

File(s) Description Last modified
syllabus.pdf Class syllabus for Spring, 2016 2016-08-29
C manual GNU C language manual  
C book Book by Cerwinsky, Douglas, Seo, and Wu 2014-01-15
Operators C operator precedence  
Virtual Box Free virtual machine  
Cygwin/X Linux/X11 Windows native in Windows  
GNU make site GNU make software, manual, and tutorial  
Linux commands Linux/bash tutorial  
ARCC Guide Introduction to Mt. Moran and ARCC  
ATLAS Automatic self tuning BLAS or parlib.tgz Parlib source files 2016-11-21 Open Porous Media site  

Lecture notes:

File(s) Description Last modified
notes.pdf Lecture notes 2016-11-17
C-basics.pdf Simple C programming 2016-09-08
arcc.pdf Remotely logging into Mt. Moran at ARCC  
blasqr.pdf BLAS reference card  
parlib.pdf ParLib notes 2016-11-17

Specific programs used in lectures:

File(s) Description Last modified Programs from the C-Basic lectures 2016-09-07

Craig C. Douglas

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