University of Wyoming ERS 4990, MA 5490/4800, and COSC 4010/5010, 2016 Fall

1:20-2:35 on Tuesdays (EIC 201, Encana Auditorium) and Thursdays (ENG 2106)

Office hours (Ross Hall 227): T/R 11:00-12:00 and W 1:00-2:00

High Performance Computing, eXtreme Technical Computing

Professor Craig C. Douglas


MA 5490-02: High Performance Computing

University of Wyoming Handbook Description

Course Description
This course will take students from novices or intermediates to experts in how high performance computers (HPC) have changed the world, including computationally and scientifically. Students will learn that large-scale computational science projects require a diversity of backgrounds in order to accomplish far more than the individuals could hope to accomplish individually or in very small teams.

ES 1060 Intro to Engineering Problem Solving or COSC 1010 Intro to Computer Science I and MATH 2210 Calculus III or equivalents.

227 Ross Hall

Suggested reading
I will be lecturing out of a number of sources, including the following: There will other resources used during the course, such as Some other good books include


Topics will include

Craig C. Douglas

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