University of Wyoming MA 5490 and COSC 5010-05, 2014 Spring

Dynamic Big Data Driven Application Systems

Professor Craig C. Douglas


General files or links of interest

File(s) Description Last modified
C tutorial University of Strathclyde C Tutorial January, 1995
C introduction Local UW C Tutorial Summer, 2013
Online textbook Big Data online textbook March, 2014
Web archive Way back web searching Constantly


Topic File(s) Description
DDDAS examples FlightCast FlightCast DDDAS (from DCABES 2007, Yichang, P.R. China)
  Contaminant tracking Contaminant tracking (forward and backward)
  Wildfire roadmap Background material for studying wildland fire modeling
  Wildfire modeling Real time wildland fire modeling
Big Data concepts whatis What Is Big Data?
  bigdata Lectures from the online textbook by Ullman et al
  sentence Big data sentence problem description
  anomalies Lectures on anomalies
DDDAS concepts dddas Lectures about DDDAS principles

Homework/project files

File(s) Description Last modified (39 MB) Weird sentence files of length 100 to 1,000,000 (from big file below) Summer, 2013 (573 MB) Weird sentence file of length ~18,000,000 (from Stanford) Summer, 2013
UW directory UW password protected files Winter, 2014

Craig C. Douglas

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