Homework 1

Due January 20th by 3:30pm. You should do this assignment by yourself. No sharing or groups allowed.

Part I.

  1. Find the Top 500 computer list. Of the Top 500, how many are US government labs? How far down the list is an academic site from any country (and what is it)? Find the information about the University of Kentucky and explain what the details mean.
  2. Find five web sites with software that you think will be of interest to you for computational sciences. List the sites and software. Why is this software interesting (one explanation for all)?
  3. Search through some U.S. government affiliated departments for computational problems that need to be solved.
    (a) Department of Energy
    (b) National Institutes of Health
    For (a)-(b), what do you find?
  4. Search through a few corporate sites. See if you can find computational science links or success stories.
  5. What is Google's number 1 semiconductor physics web site? How many awards has it won?
  6. Find at least one site outside of North America that is computationally science oriented and not discussed by you already in your answers to earlier questions.
  7. What does DDDAS stand for and why should you find it an interesting field?

Part II.

  1. Go through the list of topics on the home page and rate the ones with nothing inside of the green parentheses 1-3 (1 high, 3 low) with an even mix of 1's, 2's, and 3's. You will get to research some of these topics in small groups (2-3 students) that I will pick. In case of ties, the first one to ask wins. You might want to send this in early.

What and How to Turn In Your Solution.

Send your solution to me using this email link. Always include yourself as a recipient in case your email is not delivered. Bring a printed copy to class on January 18th so that we can discuss answers.