Homework 1/19-24/2006

This is a two part homework. You will do both parts as a group, but I need each of you to complete Part 1 separately (it is trivial). Make certain to Cc yourself. If you do not receive a reply within 24 hours, assume I did not receive your email and try again or call me. If you have an email address outside of the University of Kentucky, use that. I have had many missed emails that the spam and security software on the UK mail gateways have quashed with no bounce back message.

Part 1: Due 1/19/2006

Send me email, using this link, with the names of your group. Each of you should do this so that I have confirmation that you each are coordinating.

Part 2: Due 1/24/2006

Send me email, using this link, which is different from the one in Part 1. Make certain to Cc yourself. Only one member of your group needs to send email.

You are to analyze the language example header and code. Please send your neatly formatted homework with the following information in it:

You should use two column tables with the item and its definition or use in the two columns. You are going to use this information in next week's assignment, where you will write your lexical analyzer. Read the Lex chapters of LMB. A file in either Word or plain text is preferred. Please do not send a spreadsheet, LaTeX, PDF, PostScript, or similar formats.