Code Generator

This is it. This is the most important assignment of this semester. No other professor's assignments are nearly as important. Your completed compiler is due at 2pm on December 12th.

You will produce a single compiled code file in the simple C described in the class notes (starting at about page 91). The output of your compiler will be in one file only: yourmain.h.

Your file is #include'd in the file itti.c, which you will compile with a C compiler. Do not modify itti.c since I will examine the output from your compiler with the class itti.c file.

Please include information about who did what in a README file. I want a gzipped tar file that makes and runs your compiler. Include everything you think I need to do this effortlessly on my Linux based computer. Ask the Borders, Davis, and Griffen group if you are unsure (they have already turned in a preliminary compiler that does what I want it to do).

There are code snippets in the notes' web page contributed by the class.