University of Wyoming MA 5490 and COSC 5010/4570, 2016 Spring

Monday and Wednesday, 1:00-2:15, 247 Ross Hall

Office Hours: Monday/Tuesday 11-12 and Wednesday 10-11

Professor Craig C. Douglas


General files or links of interest

File(s) Description Last modified
C tutorial University of Strathclyde C Tutorial January, 1995
C introduction Local UW C Tutorial Summer, 2013
MMDS site Mining of Massive Datasets web site Constantly
Online textbook or with links Big Data online textbook March, 2014
Web archive Way back web searching Constantly
survey paper Wooyoung Kim, Parallel Clustering Algorithms: Survey 2009 A fully functional hash table system with an example of its usage 2011 Cassandra web site Constantly
J48 code site Decision tree C4.5 code J48 1999


The lecture links below will be filled in during the semester. The order of the talks is not what is in the table.

Topic Link Description
DBDDAS dbddas+examples Lectures about Big Data, dynamic data apps, and real examples
concepts wildfire-roadmap Computational modeling of wildland fires
Guest lecture Flyer Jerry Schuster on February 10 at 4:10 PM, Encana Auditorium, EIC
Hominid Seismology at Olduvai Gorge
Basics hashtables Hash tables and hash functions
Big Data and sentence Big data sentence problem description
data mining mapreduce MapReduce and friends
concepts pig-oink Apache PIG and (no-) SQL systems
  no-sql NoSQL Systems Like Cassandra
  find Finding similar items
  mining-data-streams Data mining of streams
  marketbasket Market baskets
  clustering Clustering algorithms
  machine-learning Machine learning algorithms
  dim-reduction Dimensionality reduction
  pagerank PageRank algorithm
  anomalies Case study on anomalies
  web-advertising Web advertising

Homework/project files

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index.html Common files (sentences, etc.) 2016-01-26

Craig C. Douglas

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