Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems



Someday there will be a number of software packages stored on DDDAS.org. Some will be public domain, some will be copyrighted, and some might be copyrighted some day (all rights reserved). When in doubt, contact the author(s) of the package(s) you are interested in.

Please remember that this will be freely distributed software. Hence, the amount of support you receive will probably be limited.

You may contribute software directly to the web site or provide a hyperlink to a long term web site of your own. Contributions will be well downloaded if the http://www.mgnet.org experience is repeated. Conditions for use, whether or not your software is copyrighted, open source, or public domain will be on this page along with a short description of what the code is supposed to do. Please email Craig Douglas (see below) for directions what to do.

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