Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems


2008 Modeling Sensing, and Environmental Systems Workshop (MoSES 2008)

LNCC, August 15-19, 2008


A small group of researchers and graduate students spent a few days discussing DDDAS issues for contaminant identification and tracking, wildland fires, and environmental modeling of the Amazon region. We had a few talks per day and spent the rest of the day in discussions. This was the second in a series of related workshops, the first was in 2006 and the third will be in 2011.

This workshop was supported in part by the National Science Foundation, the GEOMA project, CAPES, FAPERJ, and LNCC.

Conference Organizers

Craig C. Douglas, University of Wyoming and Yale University

Maurício Kritz, LNCC

Pedro Leite da Silva Dias, LNCC


The speaker's name is underlined.

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