Dynamic Data-Driven Application Systems


DDDAS 2012 Workshop

Part of the ICCS 2012 Conference, June 4-6, 2012 in Omaha (Nebraska), USA

http://www.iccs-meeting.org/iccs2012 and http://www.dddas.org/dddas2012.html


This workshop covers several aspects of the Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS) concept, which is an established approach defining a symbiotic relation between an application and sensor based measurement systems. Applications can accept and respond dynamically to new data injected into the executing application. In addition, applications can dynamically control the measurement processes. The synergistic feedback control-loop between an application simulation and its measurements opens new capabilities in simulations, e.g., the creation of applications with new and enhanced analysis and prediction capabilities, greater accuracy, longer simulations between restarts, and enable a new methodology for more efficient and effective measurements. DDDAS transforms the way science and engineering are done with a major impact in the way many functions in our society are conducted, e.g., manufacturing, commerce, transportation, hazard prediction and management, and medicine. The workshop will present such new opportunities as well as the challenges and approaches in technology needed to enable DDDAS capabilities in applications, relevant algorithms, and software systems. The workshop will showcase ongoing research in these aspects with examples from several important application areas. All related areas in Data-Driven Sciences are included in this workshop.

Important Dates:

19 January 2012 Creation of paper title and abstract on ICCS 2012 conference web site
29 January 2012 Submission of full paper
10 February 2012 Notification of acceptance or revision requirements for acceptance
1 March 2012 Camera ready version of paper submitted


Craig Douglas (University of Wyoming)
Abani Patra (University of Buffalo)

DDDAS 2012 Virtual Proceedings


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