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AFOSR/NSF Co-Sponsored Workshop on

Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS) Info-Symbiotic Systems

Arlington, VA, U.S.A.

August 30-31, 2010

Workshop Co-Chairs

Prof. Craig Douglas,
Univ. of Wyoming

Prof. Abani Patra,

Plenary Speakers

Prof. J. Tinsley Oden,
Univ. of Texas, Austin

Prof. Kelvin K. Droegemeier,
Univ. of Oklahoma

Prof. Charbel Farhat,
Stanford University

Dr. John Michopoulos,
Naval Research Laboratory

Prof. George E. Karniadakis,
Brown University

Dr. Sangtae Kim,
Morgridge Institute of Research

Prof. Patrick Jaillet,

Cross-Agencies Committee

Dir. Frederica Darema,
Dr. Bob Bonneau
Dr. Fariba Fahroo
Dr. David Stargel
Dr. Kitt Reinhardt

Dr. Lee Jameson (MPS)
Dr. Ed Seidel (MPS)
Dr. Manish Parashar (OCI)
Dr. George Maracas (ENG)
Dr. Tom Henderson (CISE)
Dr. John Cherniavsky (EHR)

Dr. Kiki Ikossi

Dr.Ralph Wachter

Dr. Ananthram Swarmi

Dr. Milt Corn (NLM)
Dr. Peter Lyster (NIGMS)

Dr. Michael Seablom


The Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems (DDDAS) Info-Symbiotic Systems workshop provides a forum for creating concerted support for a comprehensive set of activities enabling new capabilities engendered through the DDDAS concept.

The workshop features a stellar set of keynote speakers, and brings together a broad research community from academe, industry, labs, and government to discuss wide set of topics on challenges and opportunities, from fundamental research to efforts on comprehensive cyber-infrastructure environments, relating to DDDAS.

Co-sponsored by AFOSR and NSF, and other agencies participation, the workshop will expand on precedent research and programmatic activities, and emerging directions. A report, summarizing the workshop presentations and discussions, will be produced and made broadly available.


Craig C. Douglas and Abani Patra

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